Linking movie video in PPT



Help please. I have spent days trying to insert a DVD movie into my PPT
presentation. The movie is my own saved as MPEG using Arabesk/Casablanca
programmes. The resultant contents on the DVD are in 2 folders Video_TS and
Audio_TS. I don't require the audio. The Video_TS folder contains 7 files: 2
BUP, 3 x VOB and 2x IFO files. I have copied these into My Videos folder.
when I try to establish a link from PPT to this folder I cannot activate any
the file names and when I type in the VOB that contains 78,000 kb I get the
error message:
PPT cannot insert a movie from the selected file. Verify that the path and
format are correct and try again.
The DVD content plays fine in Windows Media Player and WinDVD.

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