PPT Movie Format Problem



I need help on what, at first glance, seemed to be an easy project.
I;'m on a Mac (OS 10.3.7, QT 7) and have been charged with taking a
dvd of testimonials and creating a series of clips to put on a cd and
offer to our sales force so they can insert them into their powerpoint
file presentations. They, of course, use pcs. I zoned in on the
following: drag .vob files from the original uncut dvd, open them in
mpeg streamline, export to dv, import into iMovie, add fade-in and -
out, export to dvd via Toast, re-import .vob files in mpeg streamline
and convert to mpeg-2. A test I did with this workflow failed to run
in my co-worker's pc version of ppt, (the next to most recent

I have tried to use AVI, but I understand I have to use Cinepak
compression and that just looks crappy, at least when exporting
through Quicktime. So my question is "How can I format movies to work
successfully for a sometimes maverick sales force, so the
preponderance can successfully insert them into their ppt shows?"

Many thanks in advance!

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