Linking bound subform to an unbound mainform



I have an unbound mainform with a button that opens a bound subform. By
passing openargs the subform opens displaying the programs selected by the
Recently, I added a tab control to the mainform and placed the subform on
tab2. Now, when I click on the tab, subform displays the first record in the
table and not the customer's programs. I've thought about trying 'withevents'
but it's not working for me. How do I get the subform to display programs for
the current custId and how can I keep it synched with the main form. I know
this is a big question, so maybe someone could steer me to the answer. Thanks!


a tabbed form is still one form

you originally triggered the opening arguments with a button??

what now is that trigger?? ...are the opening arguments being triggered in
your tab click event?

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