Linked View causing ODBC Call Failed



When opening a linked sql VIEW in Access, I'm getting the error "ODBC - Call
Failed". This is definately related to the size of the view (approx 64k
rows). If I modified the view to return only 40k rows for example, then
there is no error. Also if I push the view results into a sql table, and
then link to the table, I can open it without error. This behaviour is
consistent on several different PCs.

I see many articles about this generic ODBC error, but none that seem to
apply to my situation. Suggestions?

Clients -
WinXP (various) and Server 2003 standard sp2
Access 2003 and 2007 (File format is Access 2003)
ODBC manager v3.526.3959.0
ODBC SQL driver v2000.86.3959.00
(Access to SQL connection is using a File DSN)

Server -
Server 2003 standard sp2,
SQL standard v8.00.760 sp3



This generic ODBC error always happens after a
real ODBC error. Iterate through the error collection
of the DAO or ADO object you are using to get
the real error.

Or turn on ODBC or SQL Server tracing to see the
real error.


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