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A A2007 ADP db that I have inherited has a SS2K5 connection. I am told that
these tables are linked but the table icon doesn't appear to indicate that
this is true (the table icon resembles a datasheet only). I cannot seem to
locate a linked table manager section on the ribbon and thus question if
these tables have some code behind them that converts a linked SS table to a
local one. Does Access 2007 ADP treat this SS2005 tables relationship
differently than ACCDB? Although I haven't given detailed description I was
hoping that I could hear from others on thoughts on what I can do to
ascertain if these tables are indeed linked?

Sylvain Lafontaine

There is no linked table inside an ADP project. You connect to a server and
what's there is what you see.

Beside that and independantly of any connecting ADP project, you can set up
a linked server directly on the SQL-Server and from that, create a View on
the server that will show one or more tables from the linked server but this
is a different concept and from the point of view of the ADP project, this
will only be one more ordinary View located on the server.

The official newsgroup for ADP is microsoft.access.adp.sqlserver .

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
MVP - Windows Live Platform
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