link to oracle table list shown is incomplete



I am trying to Link access to oracle. This what I have done.
1. I created an odbc source.
2, create a new database
3. I click on get external data , more and then odbc database
4. choose link to datasouce by creating a linked table
5 It then opens a list of oracle table to choose from

The problem is the table list is long but incomplete. The list stops
with the table begining with name_
We have many tables after that and they are not shown in the list like
name_a, name_b, and all the way up to table with names starting with

How do I get the complete list or just get the tables I want which in
this case start with su_




Jeff Boyce

I have run into a similar apparent lack of table names with SQL-Server. In
the end, the reason I couldn't see the tables was because the DBAs had not
given me permission to see them.

Are you quite certain the DBAs have given you/your PC/your ODBC permissions?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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