Link Excel Sheets



Is it possible to link multiple excel workbooks?

Example: I have one workbook named Book1.xls that has 40 sheets in it
and anotehr workbook named Book2.xls I want to link sheets in that book
to sheets in the book1.



Dave Peterson

You can link cells--not worksheets.

Open both workbooks.
Select the range on the "sending" worksheet.
select the range on the "receiving" worksheet that should be linked.
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Be aware that this link isn't bidirectional. It just retrieves data from the
sending workbook.

And if you insert/delete rows/columns in the sending workbook with the receiving
workbook closed, your formulas will still point to the original cells.

If you can pick out a unique key column in each sheet, you could use =vlookup()
or =index(match()) to retrieve values from the other worksheet.

You may want to read Debra Dalgleish's notes: (for =vlookup())
and (for =index(match()))


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