Dominic Vella

I'm trying to copy formula's from one excel workbook sheet to another
workbook but whether I do a special paste value, or special paste formula,I
still end up with a link. Mind you, the sheet I'm copying does refer to
other sheets in the workbook.

Eg, book one has sheet called "totals", in it has a link to a sheet called
Book two already has a sheet called "Station1". When I copy the book 1
"totals" sheet into book 2, I want the pasted information to reference
books.Station1 sheet.

Can someone explain how I can do just a straight paste without it referring
back to book1?




Dave Peterson

I think your choices are to do the copy|paste, then go back to fix the link.

Edit|Links|change source

or (what I like):

Select all the cells on the original worksheet.
Change all the formulas to text.
what: =
with: $$$$$=
replace all

Now when you copy|paste, there are no formulas to adjust. Just plain old text.

Then after you've pasted, you can change the text back to formulas:
what: $$$$$=
with: =
replace all

Remember to do it in the original workbook, too--or close that without saving.

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