Link a History Item to Calendar



Is there a way to link Account History Items, such as Phone Logs and Notes,
into the Calendar, same as the Appointment Log, to display in the Calendar
all Account History Items.

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Tim P via

You can do this ... indirectly. In the lower left corner of each Outlook
appointment record form is a field next to a button titled "Contacts". Click
on this box and a "Select contacts" dialogue box opens. In the top box that
says Look in: Scroll down to the Business Contact Manager folder in the tree
and expand this folder display by clicking on the + sign box next to it.
This will now display the folders in Business Contact Manager. Click on the
Accounts folder to highlight it and then scroll through the displayed Account
items in the bottom box to select the Account that you want to attach to the
Outlook Appointment record. Click OK. This hotlinked Account record will
now display in the contacts field of the appointment record in the Outlook
Calendar. When you click on the appointment record to open it you can then
navigate to the linked Account record in order to open up the Account record
and thus access all of the Account History items displayed in the Account
History items area of that linked Account record.

You can can link individual Business Contact records and Account records to
Outlook items by using this Contacts field found in the lower left corner of
the form. This is a convenient way to create a "reverse-bridge" from an
Outlook item to a BCM Account or Contact record item. You cannot directly
link individual BCM history items to an Outlook object like this though
because they are not displayed as an option for the native Outlook object
Contact field.

I hope my comments make sense.


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