Licenses Revoked keep re-appearing



I have been having some issues with my Windows 2000 Server. I have multiple
servers in an AD environment, and on my main server I have been having issues
with old licenses re-appearing. I went through the process of deleting the
files and restarting the license service, but the old licenses (most of which
have not been used since 2003 and are not shown as domain accounts) reappear

Has anyone else found a method for permanently revoking a license and
ensuring it does not re-appear?



Hi John,

No offense, but while not necessary it is a responsibility of everyone using
Microsoft products on Volume licensing to ensure they are in compliance. One
tool for doing that is using the License service... which should work.

I'll go through the KB again and see what I can find, but I'm looking for
other input as well.. so if anyone has any other methodology they have used,
please let me know.

Thanks for the response.

Danny Sanders

The license logging service has not worked since the NT 4.0 days. Your best
bet is to stop and disable the license logging service and keep track of
your licenses manually as if in perseat mode. The license logging service is
an after-thought add-on put there to "help" administrators keep track of
licenses. The only thing is it does not work. There was a reghack that would
reset the licenses, which would work until you revoked a licenses, then the
new revoked licenses would show up, so you run the reghack again. You end up
in a vicious circle of revoking licenses, running the reghack, revoking
licenses, etc..

Stop and disable the license logging service and keep track of your licenses
manually as if in per seat mode.


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