License Transfer For Music CD's



A few years ago I transferred a lot of music cd’s from a hard drive on an old
computer to a new computer. I didn’t do it correctly and ended up with them
on my new hard drive but could not play them because some required license
failed to transfer. Finally had to copy them one at a time from the original

Now I have about 150 music cd’s on my hard drive that I need to transfer to
my new computer. All were purchased retail and I have the disks, but don’t
want to download them one at a time again.

Instructions indicate that I should be able to transfer the license to a
floppy, then to my new computer. However when I click “Tools,†“Manage
licenses,†“Back up now,†I see the following error message: COOD 1197:
Cannot play the file. Windows Media player can not play the file. If the file
is on another computer………….

I don’t want to play a file, just want to put the license on a floppy, what
am I doing wrong here?

Windows XP Pro and Media Player 10 on both computers. Any help will be


Thank you for your reply Byte. The URL you gave me pretty well explains why I
had the problem with Media Player 7. Looks like transfering music from Media
Player 9 will not be a problem.

Thanks again for the help.

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