LG Flatron L1717S Monitor


Jeff Wright


I wonder if anyone out there can offer a little assistance with a little
problem I am encountering.

Until recently I have been using a iiyama monitor with my computer which is
running Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

The monitor came to the end of its days and went to that great place in the
sky were dead monitors go!

I purchased a LG Flatron L1717S, which appeared to be a perfect replacement
for the rather old iiyama.

Now we come to the bad bit! On attempting to play a DVD, using Windows Media
Player, trying to view a video from the BBC website, using the Real Player
or attempting to use a video editing package called Pinnacle Studio, I get a
video display where all the colours are wrong, mainly of a blue tint.

I never used to have this problem with the iiyama and am so far unable to
resolve this annoyance.

I am by no means a technical minded person on these matters but I guess the
problem is caused by one of three things:

a) a faulty monitor - although I feel perhaps this is not the case as all
other, non-video playing software, displays without any strange effect.

b) a incorrect driver - the graphics card I have is a 'S3 Graphics ProSavage
DDR' (this is what it says on the device manager). The current driver is the
standard plug and play driver. I have spoken by e-mail and telephone to LG
and they have directed me to drivers for their monitors, which consist of
driver in an archive by the name of
In this archive is over 200 directories, which I believe all contain
different drivers. I am at a total loss to know which driver to install and
LG can only offer the advice that I use the standard plug and play driver. I
have tried some of these 200 odd drivers but the same display continues to

c) the L1717S is just not capable of displaying video or it can not with the
graphics card I have installed.

Sorry that this message is rather long winded but I have tried to give as
many details as possible, to enable anyone to perhaps give advice and a
possible solution.

Many thanks,



Jeff Wright

This is me being very sad.

Just discovered, after speaking to local dealer on the phone, what the
problem was with the monitor.

It was the cable connecting monitor to computer not properly connected. All
I did was disconnect the cable and then reconnect - Now works perfectly.

My head hangs in shame at missing such an obvious cause to the problem!!




I have a iilyama monitor which has gone pink I emailed the company and within
24 hrs are sending out a replacement I was so impressed and felt the need to
share this snippet with someone as you had an iilyama computor I thought I'd
share it with you and your not sad this is how we learn stuff...sharing our
experiences ....cheers ...Loops

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