lexmark x85 compatability with xp



i recently upgraded to xp and now my lexmark x85 all in
one printer can no longer comunnicate with my computer.
i searched lemark home and down loaded update but still
nothing , i downloaded patch and still nothing,lexmark
referd me to intel for chipset driver update but their no
help they no longer offer support and refered me to
microsoft but i cannot find help can someone please help
me? "problem communicating with the printer"

and yes i check the cables and uninstalled and
reinstalled drivers but nothing!


yes i did and i did a complete reinstall of xp
i connected the cable when i was promted to the printer
works on it's own as a copier can test print from printer
controls only not from computer
i downloaded new drivers from lexmark after i uninstalled
origianal drivers and still nothing.'

lexmark seems to think i have a problem with my usb port
but it says it's working properly
they mentioned updating usb drivers or chip set drivers
but can't figure out which ones to install .
i have a 440 intel chip set family processor
but theres 8 different ones to choose from and i really
dont want to screw them up?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Look for drivers from either the motherboard manufacturer's website or from
the PC manufacturer's website.

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