Learning Macros



I have been working with Access for the last 10 years and use it to do some
auditing with queries. I have have to learn it on my own and think I do good
at it. Now I would like to expand on what I have learned and use Macros. i
have been told that it would make my audits more effective.

I have read some about Macros but finding it a little hard to expand on the
information I am reading. I learn better from listening than reading.

Can anyone suggest a course or tutorial that is good?

Thanks for any imput

Steve Schapel


I am not sure what "it would make my audits more effective" means.

Macros can provide a very effective means of automating some of the
processes in your database application. They are excellent tools for this
purpose, and will be increasingly relevant as you move forward with Access.

However, it is important to identify their purpose. Tables are for data
storage. Forms are for entry, editing and interaction with data. Reports
are for presentation of data. Macros are for automation of workflow.

I can't suggest any course or tutorial. The Help in Access is generally
very good with macros. But I suggest you just make a start, and step by
step you will get there. Here's an example of a very simple process that
can be done with a macro... Click a button on a form, and another form opens
at a certain record. Is there anywhere in your database where that could be
useful? If so, make a macro with an OpenForm action, and assign it on the
Click event of the command button. If you need explicit help with that, get
back to us, and someone can give step-by-step instructions.

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