Leading zeros won't convert to csv file in Excel ver 6 SP2



After formating the numbers for leading zeros and saving as a csv file, the
leading zeros drop off. This process used to work fine for me and just quit
doing it.

Dave Peterson

You sure that they're gone from the CSV file?

How about verifying by opening the CSV with NotePad.

But if you do open that CSV file in Excel, the leading 0's will be lost. But
it's the re-opening in excel that causes your problem--not the saving to the


It does not matter if you had the leading zeros because the cell was formated
as text, or formatted as Custom 0000, or started with an apostrophe. After
saving as .csv the zeros should still be there.

Verify this by opening the .csv file with Notepad.

Its when you re-open the file with Excel that the leading zeros get dropped.

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