Leading Zero dropping off after export to Excel


Tina Hudson

Good afternoon,

I'm exporting data from a view I created in Lotus Notes 8.0 to Excel 2007.

One of the fields looks like a number (it has no alpha characters), but is
set up as "general". The field is 11 characters long and can contain a "0"
(zero) as the first character in the field. I have no control over this

When I export selected documents from the view and save it as a .csv file,
which we've been instructed to do, and open with Excel, the leading "0" drops

The problem with this is, I only need the first 4 characters. Before Lotus
Notes 8.0, I could save as a Lotus file and had no problem with the "0" not
dropping off. I can not save as a Lotus File now - have to save as .csv

Is there a quick fix to preventing the "0" from dropping off?

Gary''s Student

Even though its a .csv file, open it with
Data > Import External > Data > Import Data
This allows you to tell the import Wizard that the field is Text. This will
allow leading zeros to be retained.

Tina Hudson

To quote a famous 70's family rock and roll band - I think I love you!

Excel 2007 was slightly different than the steps you told me. I clicked on
"From Text" on the Data tab, and then the familiar dialog box popped up. I
identified the delimiter (which was a comma), and then highlighted the field
in question, making it a text field and my leading 0's remained intact!

You're a genius!

Many thanks!!!


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