.ldb file remains open after I close the database



I have never had this happen before, why is the .ldb file staying open after
I close the database? Because it is open, I can't make any changes because it
thinks someone is in the database... and there is not!

Is there code that is stranded somewhere doing something? I run a lot of
requeries as I am on the form... I don't know where else to look.

Thanks, Tammy




I have found that I can delete the .ldb by opening the .mdb again with the
same user. A quick and easy check is to drag the .ldb into notepad and see
who Access thinks is still in the database. (Microsoft has other tools for
reading .ldb files, if needed.) Try to open the database with that profile
and then close it. The .ldb should be deleted.
Barring that, rebooting the computer where the .mdb file exists should
delete that file.

Bill Mosca, MS Access MVP


If this file is on a shared server, everyone has to have
create/delete/modify permissions. I've seen the LBD file hang when a user
did not have delete rights to the folder. I suspect that is what is
happening to your file. This is assuming no one is using Ctrl+Alt+Del to
exit Access or is removing a laptop from a docking station while the file is




Sometimes this is just network or file system wierdness.

For example, on my windows XP workstation, I frequently
see files that do not exist, because Windows Explorer
uses an 'intelegent' 'caching' approach to display

Windows Background Intelegent Transfer Service (BITS)
does file operations in the background, and can cause
locks to remain long after you have finished giving

And the network system is 'optimised' to keep files
open and cached, which can delay operations like delete.

You should try importing everything into a new
database, and if you have an Extremely, Very
complex form, you could consider something simpler.


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