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If I turn on my PC and look at the BIOS (before the operating system
and graphics card driver get a chance to load), the screen looks
blurry. If I press the menu button on my LCD monitor, the resolution
and refresh rate is displayed, and it says: 720x400/70Hz.

Why does this not default to "better values" such as 800x600/60Hz?
Can I change these values? (I've looked through the monitor's menu
options, and couldn't see anything useful that I could understand.)
Are these values used because of the graphics card, or the monitor, or
perhaps both?

Graphics card = Matrox G450 DVI, connected to 15-pin dsub cable using
a DVI to DSUB converter cable. Monitor = Sony LCD.

(I've tried not using the converter cable and just used a DVI cable,
but I get a really odd "squashed screen" appearance, with large top
and bottom letterbox black borders, and everything in the middle all
scrunched-up looking.)

Thanks very much for any comments.
Best regards, Robert.



rpgs rock dvds

It's showing text mode, and it looks blurry because the picture is scaled from
the native resolution.

The monitor should be telling the graphics card what modes it's capable of
displaying, and the graphics card should then be creating a compatible signal
from what's in its frame buffer.  In your case, the monitor is able to display
the text-mode resolution generated by the BIOS, so the card sends it on in..  

In my case, my monitor only displays [email protected] or [email protected], so the
BIOS text-mode display is scaled automatically by the graphics card.

Thanks a lot for the info.

Is it ok for an lcd display to be in a higher rate than 60hz?
Sometimes I notice mine is either in 70 or 75.

Thanks, regards, Robert.

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