Large hard drive formatting in XP



I have a 160 GB hard drive. I am loading Windows XP
Pro on it and I know the 137 GB limitations on formatting
hard drives but I do believe XP Pro has a patch that
let's you format large hard drives. My question is....I
have already created an 80 gig partition and loaded XP
Pro on it. Now when I am in the OS I only see the 80 Gig
C: Partition. How can I format the remaining 80 Gig
partition so it will become my D: drive???


Make sure you install SP1 first. I'm assuming your motherboard bios supports
drives larger than 137GB.

In this case go to conrtrol panel -->administrative tools - disk management
and create another partition for the rest of the drive. Then format the new

Rich Barry

Joe, you could check with the Motherboard Manufacturers website to see if
they have a Bios update. And, you could also
get a Ultra DMA PCI Card that has it's own Bios and will see the full
160G. Did you check with the Drive Manufacturers
website for Installation Software?

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