Laptop motherboard faulty?



I have a laptop that is refusing to boot. Weather it be Linux, a Live CD or
Windows it just freezes at some point during the startup. It appears to be
at the point when it comes to loading the GUI that it freezes.

I initially suspected it was a fault with the hard drive but after some
tests it would appear to be fine. So I next tested the memory and I got
errors using both Memtest and Windows Diagnostic Memory Test. I tried the
ram in both slots and got the same errors.

So I bought new RAM thinking it would solve the problem. It didn't.
Testing the new memory showed the same errors.

I'm thinking now that the motherboard is faulty? I can't think of anything
else that would cause the problems.



Mike Walsh

It is likely a bad memory controller on the motherboard. Before you condemn the motherboard check the power supply voltages.

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