Laptop Battery error code 10



I have a Toshiba Satellite A10 laptop running Windows XP Home Edition &
Service Pack 2 with all updates.

When running on battery power the power icon in the task bar does not show
how much time is left on battery power. It keeps showing as Full Power
remaining 255% on AC Power with the AC cord unplugged.

Power Icon in Task Bar - With AC cord in - Shows normal power remaining
255% - used to be 100% -
With AC cord out - Shows normal power remaining 255% - used to show time
remaining on battery power.

Device Manager – Under My Computer Name – Battery
- Microsoft AC Adapter – device working OK
-Microsoft ACPI Compliant Composite Battery – device working OK

Device Manager – System Devices – Microsoft Composite Battery error
- Device could
not start ( code 10 )

If I disable Microsoft ACPI Compliant Composite Battery then reboot & then
enable Microsoft ACPI Compliant Composite battery Power Icon in Task Bar
shows 100 % as it used to do & there is no error in System Devices for
Microsoft Composite Battery.

If power cord removed power icon in task bar shows battery time remaining &
also a battery icon shows in Task bar as it used to do.

However on next reboot system goes back to original error.

I have tried to update all these devices drivers but it says no updated
drivers available.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Regards Eloogmord.


Hi Cari
Tried updating as you suggested but made no difference.
Thanks anyway. Eloogmord

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