LAN - LAN VPN and Routing



Please help,

One server (Win 2003) is connecting to other (NT) with VPN connection. \

They are on different subnets ( and

Both LANs have routers connected to Internet.

IPs of routers are and

On Win 2003 server I set up RRAS with Demand dial Network interface. The
connection is working but I see only NT server from Win 2003 server.

How can I see whole LAN ( from every computer in second LAN
( using one VPN connection?

Which routs need to be set up and where (Server NT, Server W2K3, clint LAN 1
and LAN2)?




Bill Grant

Set up demand-dial interfaces on both RRAS servers. Set up a static
route to the "other" subnet associated with the dd interface. When the VPN
connects, the static routes are added to the routing table.

Read the W2k3 Help files on router to router VPN. This will work with NT
RRAS but is not as "automatic" as the W2k3 setup.

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