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I have arranged label printing in my pc. In print setup I made both top
margin and bottom margin "0" (zero). Once I print in A4 size paper In can see
the label not in printing in proper place and in bottom of the paper half
inch gap.
As you know, it is easy to find the product number on the label packet which
we purchase and go to Tools, Letters and Mailings, Envelopes and Labels,
Label Tab, Options, Pruduct Number. I went to this place in word. But the
label I have got with me not mentioned this number. Still I found 10.5mm 3.7
mm. This is not exact number. The manufacturer is TAYABI. This not
mentioned in word.
I think I can adjust the size of lable manually. But I could not do after I
tried. I have done manually for another case another time. I want 16 labels
in A4 size paper. Would appreciate your comment.



Mary Sauer

The above has the equivalent dimensions for Word in some labels. CorelDraw has
3423 Zweckform with a 9.5mm top margin and a 7.976mm bottom margin, zero side
margins. The labels are 105.08mm x 34.976mm. (16 labels).

Zweckform 3484 with 16 labels has 1.499mm top margin with zero margins bottom
and sides. The labels are 104.97mm wide, 36.982 high.

These purport to be equivalent to your TAYABI labels.




I've never heard of Tayabi. Sometimes, though, the manufacturer has
templates for Word on their website.

I am not sure exactly what you are printing, but if you want Avery quality
labels without paying such a high price at Staples, check out

At Maco I've been getting more than double the amount of labels I'd normally
get at Staples, for a cheaper price and that includes shipping.

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