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I used CD label template 8931 (Avery) to design a label. It prints two
labels to a page. However, the lettering on the top lable on the sheet is
significiantly closer to the top margin of the label than the lettering on
the bottom label of the sheet is to the top of its label. Is there a way to
prevent this?



Graham Mayor

1. You have added a header/footer to (rename
2. The page size set in the printer properties doesn't match the page size
of the label sheet.
3. You have a scaling option set in the zoom section of the print dialog
4. Your printer has poor paper handling. Some printers will slip when faced
with label stock and thus are incapable of feeding the label correctly.
Cleaning the rollers in the print path may help.
5. Because of the high speeds at which discs revolve, paper labels affixed
to CDs can produce out of balance forces sufficient to cause the disc to
shatter, taking with it the player!

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