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Hello. this is a rather confusing problem, so forgive the length of this
posting as I try to describe it. I'm working with Word2007 (although the
same problem happened with Word97-2003). The scenario: I will spend some
time (I've no idea how long, but I'm an historian with little respect for
time, so I suspect it's usually a few hours) working on this program, and
then it has a little and incredibly irritating seizure: I believe the
keyboard, in protest of my work-habits, shifts to a French-language character
set. The forward slash becomes an E with accent agu. Double quotes become
strangely agular single quotes, with attitude. I generally have to shut down
the entire program, wait a few minutes (fingers tapping in uni-lingual
frustration) and then start over. I've checked the keyboard language status,
and the computer's regional settings, through the control panel. All are set
to English (CAN), which they should be.
I'm now suspecting that my computer is, in fact, possessed by a demon intent
on curbing the hours I spend hunched over a keyboard. Any other suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.

Graham Mayor

Turn off the automatically detect language option (Review > Set Language)
and check Windows regional settings for alternative languages and make sure
you are familiar with the keyboad shortcut that switches them. The current
input language is shown on the Word 2007 status bar.
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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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