keyboard goes insane



My keyboard sometimes gets insane.

As I'm typing on some application, the keyboard spontaneously changes
mappings. The main keys are all mixed up. For instance, typing comes up
as 'a', and keyboard shortcuts are affected too, so typing comes up as
'v', and typing Ctrl+ does the 'paste' command.
Numbers ([1], [2],...) aren't affected, neither are control keys [Ctrl],
[Caps Lock], [Shift], [Enter], [Backspace], [Home], and so on.

Here's a longer description and investigations I've made:

Other applications are unaffected. Closing the buggy application and
relaunching it solves the problem. Rebooting doesn't help. So, it can't be a
hardware issue.

To workaround this problem, I open a Notepad window, type some text, paste
it into the window, save my work, quit, and relaunch the application.

This is always triggered when I'm typing. If I open a window and do nothing,
no problem occurs. I start typing and after a while off it goes.

This could have something to do with localisation, because some keys are
preserved. Also, only keys which actually appear in the keyboard can be
typed. I can tell this because I have a French keyboard and there are some
special characters, like [é] and other letters with accents, which come up.
The Language Bar is closed by default, and the new key mappings are very
weird and very mixed up.
They are always the same, though. The key always becomes 'v', for

If someone sometime had a similar problem, or has any ideas to help me solve
it, thanks.


your investigation didn't include
testing the pc with the bad one
under safe mode &

i don't see that you tested
the pc with another/different keyboard.

try replacing the bad temporarily with
another one. This will help eliminate
some possibilities.

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