Keyboard Repeat Malfunction



Hi all,

This is my first post to this group and hope it's the right place.

I've been having a very annoying behavior from my keyboard since I
rebuilt my PC after adding a few Hard Drives, changing CPU and
reinstalling XP SP2 from scratch.

The problem, which I did not have before, is that now keeping a key
pressed will result in erratic behaviors, instead of the expected

- If I keep a normal letter or number key pressed, it will repeat
usually OK, though it will pause (every 7 characters) and at times it
will stop and not continue on until I release and re-press the button.

- Some keys seem to respond better than others (???), and usually the
performance deteriorates when I use the shift+letter (to obtain a
capital letter) combination.

- The real trouble is the "noncharacter" keys like Backspace, the
cursor arrow keys, the Page Up/Down keys, the Delete key. None of
those will autorepeat. HOWEVER, if I use the Shift+numeric keypad key
combination (say, shift+4 to move the cursor to the left), it will
work correctly - and autorepeat.

Before being asked:

I have tried and have gotten the same results from different
combinations of two PS2 keyboards (wireless and wired), with and
without my Belkin KVM.

Tests were performed mostly on Notepad, but no surprises from Outlook,
Word or any other text editor.

HW configuration:
-Motherboard Soyo P4X400, Pentium 4 3.06, 1 Gig RAM

-Keyboard and Mouse Logitech Navigator Cordless Duo on Belkin KVM.
Logitech drivers and iTouch are installed. Tests were also performed
on the standard Microsoft drivers.

-I don't think video/sound and mass storage configuration is relevant

SW Configuration:

- Win XP SP2, current Microsoft updates, chipset etc. latest available
from SOYO site.

- No troubles in Device Manager, all Accessibility Options are
disabled, Keyboard settings in Control Panel are normal and have been
anyway tested thoroughly.

- BIOS latest available, Gate A20 set to Fast and Typematic control
set to Disabled (tested those in different combinations as well).

I hope it is clear that before the few recent upgrades I made, and
reinstall, the same machine (or anyway the same basics) with this
keyboard/mouse or any other combo never had a problem.

Hope someone can help.



Since 2 different keyboards (and input methods) give same problem,
possibilities - either you've got a wrong country configuration or corrupt
keyboard.sys driver.
Altho - do I read/understand correctly - this only applies to Notepad -
other apps, keyboard is normal ? Try uninstalling/reinstalling Notepad,
first (you might have to delete the file Notepad.exe manually, I can't find
it listed as available to uninstall either in Add/Remove progs, or in the
Windows Components sub-icon).

Others may have different ideas!
Sincerely, Len


Hi Len,

Thanks for your comments - some items may have been unclear from my

I tested the drivers as well, that is:

1. Removed driver from device manager, rebooted, got Windows to put in
new driver. No change.
2. Got on the Logitech web site, got specific keyboard driver, updated
standard Microsoft driver with Logitech's. No change.

Also, I have the same problem on any application: I just specified
Notepad because it is the cleanest editor out there. But, as I
mentioned, Word, Outlook, and then Ultraedit and Editplus all have the
same problem.

So I can exclude driver or software failure here.

Additionally, I just ran some tests (and am writing this message) on a
Remote Desktop connection and I do not have the problem, as I am
typing on a different computer.

At last, I just also plugged in a USB keyboard and it turns out to be
working well. I wonder if the PS/2 KB controller is fried now...



If a direct wired USB keyboard is working correctly, then, as you say, can't
be the drivers.
Unlikely, but sounds like you have 2 duff keyboards. Incredible odds against
Re Logitech - tried new keyboard batteries?
Re PS2 - tried up-ending it (or, taking it apart) to clear out all the
accumulated crap (fag-ash, crumbs, dust ...)?

Odds are against 2 duff keyboards. Try this (which can't do any harm) - from
Command line, run sfc/ scannow (have yr XP system disk ready) - note the
space after the /
to check/verify and re-load any corrupt system files.
Good luck! Len


ok, I think I know the issue, xp sucks, but seriously, anyone know how to
make xp stop uninstalling the mouse when I switch the kvm to another
computer, it fails to reinstall it when I switch back (big pain in the arse).

Oh, check the voltages on the powersupply, you ahve a lot of stuff installed
and if the voltage (I believe the keyboard is on 5v) drops it will cause all
kind of weird and confusing issues.


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