Keyboard error unlocking screensaver



I have two XP Home SP3 machines, one is a desktop the other a notebook and
now on three separate occasions we have been unable to unlock the
screensaver. We get incorrect password errors.

We have noticed that if you try to retype the user-id the keyboard is simply
typing consecutive keyboard characters that have no resembleence to the keys
pressed. This explains why it thinks we've typed the wrong password.

The symptoms are exactly as described in KB821432 a very old article which
was fixed in SP2.

I'd be grateful for ideas or suggestions.



Were you able to determine the cause of this problem? I recently started
having the same problem on multiple XP Pro and XP Home machines. Same problem
occurs on Windows 7 RC test machine. I don't know if somehow this is related
to testing Windows 7 although the problem began shortly after I installed and
began testing Windows 7.

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