KB891861 (W2K update rollup 1) ; 816093 (Microsoft VM security update)



Re: KB891861 & 816093 (for W2K SP4)

KB891861 - Update rollup 1 for Windows 2000

My W2K Add/Remove program list has included this update for some time but
Windows Update keeps nagging I have to update. When I try, the update
message always says it was not successful.

816093 - Security update for Microsoft VM (Virtual Machine)

When I tried this (several times) the message is always the same:

"The Microsoft VM you are attempting to update is a protected system
component & can only be updated with a later release of the OS or service

The latter message will get many Google hits from forums, tech sites, and
Microsoft self-support tech sites - all with suggestions that do not work.

It would be great to get some replies from users who found solutions to one
or both of these issues.

Thanks - Blithe


If you visit windows update, Review the history, there is an ? icon next to
any failed update. Clicking this will lead you to some explanations, which
may allow a cure


Thank you DL - here are the results:
My update history listed the W2K rollup as unsuccessful. However -

I reinstalled & the Win update reported a success. Oh??

Here's the reason for my 'Oh?' - Upon clicking 'custom' - Win Update still
showed that I needed to install the W2K Rollup 1 (while just having added it
to the history listing as a good install). As for 816093, it is not listed
anywhere on my history even after having many previous unsuccessful
installation attempts.

I will have to vote 'no confidence' in Windows Update even though I have
little alternative except to keep using it. Any comment?


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