Kaspersky Internet Security Install Problem



Hiya Peoples.

This ones for the gurues out there.

The outlaws have baught Kaspersky Internet Security for there PC, But it
won't Install, I've done the ussual removal of there old AV & gone
through Program Files & deleted any asociated files & folders, but it
still won't install. Then googled my problem, And found that due to
stuff from the old AV (AVG) being in the Registry, Kaspersky Internet
Security won't install. The only way to resolve the problem is to run a
Registry cleaner program.
What is a good Reg Clean program that I don't have to pay for? Alot of
these free downloaded cleaners only detect, not clean unless you pay.

Any ideas with be apreciated.

Aido. :)


1PW said:
Hello Aido:

Sorry, all the Gurus are helping others... :-(

Using the same version of AVG that was used to install, an option
exists, early on, to uninstall. Sometimes *reinstalling* and then
uninstalling, with their software, does the job.


Or, run Grisoft's AVG Remover:

If that doesn't uninstall enough, use CCleaner. It's free and will
help the system overall in the future, if kept current and used
regularly. CCleaner is steadily earning its popularity.


If that /still/ isn't enough, ask the system's "regedit" to search for
anything remotely related to AVG or Grisoft.

If the new Kaspersky software was obtained in a legal manner,
Kaspersky's Home User Support should be able to tell you what and where
the trouble is.

Pity you didn't tell us the Kaspersky, AVG, and OS versions and the
error messages received. However, let us have an update when you're able.

Best wishes to you.

Thanks 1PW & Wilf.

The PC is running the XP SP3. Removing AVG8 free, Trying to install the
latest Kaspersky Internet Security (Legit copy).

I'd forgotten about the AVG remover, I haveused that befor some time
ago. Ccleaner isn't any good, I downloaded that & installed it, It find
lots of stuff, But will only completely clean if I pay for it.
How do I find "regedit"? I have an idea on how to use it, But because I
haven't had to use it for sometime, I've had a brainfart & can't
remember where to find it. lol.
The Kaspersky I'm trying to install is a legit copy. Wev'e rang the
Kaspersky support, But they weren't much help, Just told us that there's
something blocking the install & to remove that first.
I'll give the AVG Remover ago & keep you all posted of my progress.

Aido. :)


1PW said:
On 08/30/2008 07:40 AM, Aido sent:

Snip, snip...

This is probably all that was needed.

Ccleaner isn't any good,

This is the most downloaded application through filehippo.com and over
5 million through download.com. I think not...

I downloaded that & installed it, It find

Perhaps you are confusing CCleaner with another application. CCleaner
is now, and always has been, freeware! If CCleaner does not run error
free, repeat CCleaner, till it is. Period.

Start | Run | regedit

However - it sounds like you might wish to do some self directed study
before you advance to this step. If the above uninstall goes well,
followed by judicious use of CCleaner, this probably won't be required.

Wilf's advice is spot on. Let us know how you progressed. Your
experiences will help others. We do wish you well.

Thanks 1PW, Will keep you all posted on how I progress.

Aido. :)

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