jumping curser


Michele Green

I do not have a touchpad. I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7. I
have had to replace the harddrive twice in this machine in 2 years due
to fatal crashes. The new harddrive was installed less than 2 weeks
ago. Since the installation, my curser moves itself, seemingly at
will, while I am typing. Almost every other word has to be altered due
to the curser moving to another spot. HELP PLEASE
Jun 14, 2014
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Jumping curser is a problem with many computers irrespective of make and whether or not operating on touchpad.

The incidence is reported in almost all MS office applications. Word, outlook and excel are always the targets.

This has been analysed as a key logger virus that resides in hidden system areas. Most antivirus are failure in detecting as it is active for a very short flicker time. the best way to get rid is to remove any software that is offered as free system maintenance.

Scan your pc with Microsoft security scanner. this has been successfully removing the virus. I had same problem for more that a year and was almost planning to reinstall everything after formatting but Security Scanner removed the mess. I had three copies of the virus on my pc.

Now everything is clean and no more curser jumping. Security Scanner (MSERT.exe) has to be downloaded every 10 days as there is no signature update option.

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