Joining Storevault to Server 2003 Functional Level Server 2008 Dom



I am attempting to join a NAS device (Storevault) to a Windows Server 2008
hosted domain in Windows Server 2003 Functional level. The manufacturer
(NetApp) has basically disowned the product and is not producing software
upgrades for the product anymore.

The device will join the domain and a computer account will be created for
it, but it then refuses to communicate with a "Connection Terminated" error.
We have tried everything to get this box to work, up to and including
building a Server 2003 box hosting a domain, adding a 2008 box to the domain
as a DC and pointing the NAS to authenticate at the 2008 box - this does not
work (Connection Terminated). The customer we are attempting to get this to
work for has owned the NAS for less than a year, so refuses to upgrade AND
requires the use of some of the new features in Server 2008 (specifically
Terminal Services), so refuses to have a Server 2003 box in the domain for
authentication of this one NAS device. We have also poked through the many
new security settings on Server 2008 in the Default Domain Controllers policy
to no avail...

I guess my question is:
Is there any way to get a Server 2008 domain controller to act EXACTLY like
a Server 2003 or Server 2000 domain controller in order to get this NAS to
autenticate properly and not drop the connection?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Bill Sanderson

I wonder whether the policy to require signed communication might be relevant here--look up instructions to get Apple Mac's to connect to Server 2003. and see whether those same settings changes on Server 2008 enable this device to authenticate.

This was an issue with Server 2003 as well, though--have you tested authentication with a stock Server 2003 install?

I would think that information on exactly what has changed in this area between 2003 and 2008 would not be too hard to come by--but this group, which is related to Windows Defender, isn't the right place for the question.

I would ask in a Server 2008 related group.

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