Japanese Handwriting Recognition in XP 64-bit



I am trying to set up handwriting recognition on my computer, for the express
purpose of writing in Japanese via my Wacom bamboo fun drawing pad.

To begin with I have learned that in Office 07 the HWR stuff was removed and
made a feature of Vista (and subsequently Windows 7), but both XP and Office
XP (should) have it available, and a number of people I have contacted tell
me that their install of XP does come with the writing pad available by
default, in both EN and JP versions of XP pro x32.

Furthermore, screenshots from these people show that the handwriting
recognition 'area' I'm looking for is a tab in the IME Pad, not a window or
object of it's own, and should be made available only by enabling the
Japanese keyboard set ( http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/2783/settingsv.png

So far the only action I have found to take is installing Office XP, which
does enable a number of HWR items for English, but only the Drawing Pad for
Japanese, which I have found to be entirely useless as it is for Drawing, not

So, is there a hidden setting somewhere, or do I need to install some other
package nobody knows about, or am I just screwed?


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