Janus GridEX Self-Referencing Issue




I'm working in C# .NET 3.5, with Janus Winform controls
(I'd have posted this question to the Janus site, but the forums
aren't loading in any of my browsers.)

I'm trying to make a grid with a self-referencing root table and a
child table. Is that possible, or are self-referencing GridEX tables
and hierarchical GridEX tables mutually exclusive? If it's possible,
how is it done?

The root table, Foo, includes the columns Id and ParentId, which is a
foreign key to Id. The child table, Bar, contains another foreign key
to Foo.Id, called FooId. I'd like the grid to display the Foo
hierarchy, and under each Foo row display its associated Bar rows.

Daniel Sheiner




Could you please just tell me, if you remember this issue, was this possible to achieve(self referencing hierarchy in GridEX combined with child tables). Because I have almost the same problem, however I need to show the child table only for leaves and I am not sure if it's possible.

Thank you,

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