FWT Newsletter - Weekly - November 10, 2003



"FWT Newsletter - Weekly" - November 10, 2003

In this e-mail we provide you with the lastest freeware added to
Freeware World Team - http://www.all4you.dk/FreewareWorld/ - in the
last 7 days. Enjoy all of the gratis programs!

* idleoff

this application monitors the cpu load and will shut down a computer if a
pre-determined maximum is not exceeded over a specified time period. (VJ)

* X-Gen

Create and manage web sites quickly,

X-Gen is a web development tool that allows you to create pages with the
same layout, over and over again. The beauty of this is that if a change
to the layout is required, you do not need to go through every file and
manually edit it. Just adjust the template [...]

* 12Ghosts Popup-Killer

12Ghosts Popup-Killer now blocks all popups of Internet Explorer. The best
is, you don't need to maintain any black list.

You may still allow popups by holding CTRL. When a pop-up was blocked you
will hear a sound (optional) so you know that you may have missed
something. To see what you missed j [...]

* Abbreviation Program

This program lets you look up the meanings or full words of the
abbeviations or acronyms. For example, "B.Ed." means "Bachelor of
Education". (JF)

* Abook

Abook is an address book with a powerful search engine. With Abook you can
keep all your friends, family and business contacts' information in one
organized, clear and compact environment. In A-book you can store the
names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and addresses of everyone you know
and anyon [...]

* AdCruncherT Proxy

AdCruncherT Proxy is a non-caching, filtering, HTTP/1.1 compliant proxy
server. Don't let that term scare you! A proxy server is just a fancy term
for a program that your web browser talks to, that's all.

AdCruncherT Proxy's primary purpose is to filter out unwanted banner ads
from web pages whe [...]

* Advanced Process Manipulation

DiamondCS APM is an advanced process/module viewer and manipulation
utility that allows unique control over target processes by becoming a
part of them.

Take control of a process by becoming a part of it
Unlike conventional process viewers, DiamondCS APM doesn't control
processes by remotely [...]

* AfterShocked!

The game takes place mainly in a small town, Scabsboro, outside of a big
city, Utopaville, in the heart of America. One day, large missiles from
an unknown source rain down all over the world, killing billions. The
only places left in America are Scabsboro and Utopaville, which, in a
stroke of luc [...]

* AHIRecord

AHI Record is an advanced HD-Recorder.

Multithreaded level meter and status display
Asynchronous writes to harddisk
Generates AIFF or WAVE files
Automatic file generation for recording several tracks sequentially:
If you specify a default filename using the NAME ToolType, AHIRecord will
e [...]

* Alan's Fractions

Alans Fractions makes learning fraction math fun. This software introduces
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of fractions. Easy
interface for kids. Fun sounds keep kids interested. Many configuration
options available. All answers and setting changes are logged. Full help
file. Run [...]

* Alan's Math

Alans Math makes learning basic arithmetic fun. This software introduces
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division to the user in a
flash-card type scenario. Easy interface for kids. Fun sounds keep kids
interested. Many configuration options available. All answers and setting
changes are [...]

* Algorithm of the Gods

In the March 1997 issue of Scientific American, Shawn Carlson described a
remarkable algorithm for tackling challenging problems, like the
Travelling Salesman problem, by adopting the approach "Nature uses" when a
metal anneals or when a crystal forms. The algorithm is called "simulated
annealing" a [...]

* AllerCalc

AllerCalc (formerly known as VersaCalc) is an expression calculator
which allows you to directly enter an expression to be evaluated. This
versatile calculator features:

Key Features:

&nbsp;A re-sizable rolling display storing all of your inputs and
&nbsp;More than one hundre [...]

* Anonym Mail Master

The best way to send anonym mails. (LT)

* Antioch House Email Bank

Anyone maintaining email addresses for any length of time will know the
problems that arise in keeping a large number of email addresses in the
Address Book of the email client. There is also the problem of keeping
track of mass-mailing logistics.

Antioch House Email Bank was created to provide [...]

* Antioch House Library System

All libraries feel the need to categorise or rearrange the categorisation
of resources and bring out an upto-date list of resources for the members
to choose from.

We searched the Internet for any freeware or reasonably priced Library
System and found that there was none in the Freeware category [...]

* Ardamax Keylogger Lite

Ardamax Keylogger Lite is a free keystroke recorder that captures users
activity and saves it to a log file. The log file can be viewed as a
text or web page. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your
computer while your away, maintain a backup of your typed data
automatically or use i [...]

* Autostart Viewer

Freeware Autostart Viewing &amp; Control Tool for Windows
When you start Windows, dozens of programs are already running - many
of them invisible and running in the background. What are these
programs? Why are they running? Are they safe to run, or are any of
them trojans?
Autostart Viewer allo [...]

* Bad Onion

You play Bad Onion, an onion with an attitude! You must use skill, cunning,
quick reflexes
to jump platforms and maneuver yourself around various obstacles. You must
also manage
to avoid vicious vegetables that lunge towards you, trying to stop you
from completing your
quest, to collect all th [...]

* Beck's F1-Newsticker

An animated Formula1 car moving from one side of the screen to the other.
It also shows up to date Formula1 news.

* BeSweet

BeSweet is an audio transcoding tool. it lets you convert audio files from
one format to another.supported formats : MP3,AC3,WAV,MP2,AVI,Aiff,VOB,Ogg
BeSweet also includes some nice signal processing features :
- One-pass &amp; Two-pass Normalization. Dynamic Range Compression.
- Sample-R [...]

* Big Cat

Big Cat adds a Scripts menu when you ctrl-click in applications-such as the
Finder, BBEdit, Internet Explorer, and Eudora-that support system
contextual menus.

You can run your own AppleScript and shell scripts from the Scripts menu.

In other words, you can add your own commands to these appli [...]

* Buffer Overflow Utility (BOU)

BOU is a command-line utility that enables the user to check for buffer
overflows on Web Server Applications. Written in Java, BOU quickly
uncovers suspected buffer overflow problems in HTTP requests, and supports
both the GET and POST methods. (JF)

* Catalogic

Supported Operating Systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000

System Requirements:pentium I 133 Mhz - 32 MB - 600x800 pix
Catalogic is a complete CD cataloguer, MP3 organizer and Back up searcher.
It works over any type of media.It is the tool that will help you find all
those precio [...]

* Checkbook

Simple Checkbook is just that... a simple checkbook. In function it is
exactly like your little paper checkbook register - except you don't have
to do the math and it makes reconciliation a breeze. It's laid out like a
regular checkbook and you fill it in like a regular checkbook. It's just a
simple [...]

* Countries of the World

This program lets you look up some brief facts about the countries of the
world. You can search by country names, capital cities, languages, money,
people, 2 or 3 letters and number country codes, counry calling code, and
international calling codes. (JF)

* Country Codes

Country Codes provides various information about 253 countries! including
their: Location, Type, ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2-3 codes and ISO number, IDDD
(International Direct Distance Dialing), FIPS PUB 10-4 Code, TLD (Tope
Level Domain) Code, etc... in addition the neat interface allows the
search between [...]


Text Adventure Games
Your Own Totally Free Interactive Fiction/Text Adventure Authoring
Requires: Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP ; 8mb RAM. Needs 800x600 rez or
higher. Includes the Editor, Player, Help File and 'Birth of the Phoenix'
demo story by Ambros [...]

* Database to Clipboard

Viewing, editing databases (DB, DBF, TXT) with ability to copy open table
to clipboard for future using in other programs. Supported text, HTML and
XML destination formats.

There is an ability to specify number of database records to be copied
into one line (thus, if you specify 3 and database re [...]

* Deluxe Snake

Deluxe Snake is a clone of the classic arcade games Nibbles and Snake, with
improved gameplay, including power-ups, mushrooms, walls, tail-bite, and
other fun stuff. Play on multiple arena sizes, with borders on/off, in 4
different gamemodes. There's a top 20 high-scores list for each
combination of [...]

* DiamondCS CmdLine

DiamondCS CmdLine is a freeware process list tool for Windows NT4/2000/XP
that allows you to see all processes on your system, including process IDs
and full commandlines (with all parameters), and also has Unicode

How does it work?
CmdLine uses an undocumented technique discovered by D [...]

* DiamondCS DelLater

It's free, it's tiny, it's open source, it's easy to use, and it can
delete files for you when all else fails. So what is it?

DiamondCS DelLater is a simple program that uses the only method that
Microsoft recommend to delete files that are in use. This method is
based on documentation from Mi [...]

* DiamondCS OpenPorts

Powerful TCP/UDP port-to-process mapper for Windows NT4/2K/XP/2003.
DiamondCS OpenPorts is a CLI (command line interface/console) tool that
allows you to see all open TCP and UDP ports on your system, including
the owner process. Using advanced port-to-process mapping technology
developed for Po [...]

* Drempels

Drempels makes colorful, swirling, hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a
hurricane or tornado. It normally runs in your Windows background or
"desktop", replacing your old still-image wallpaper with gently-animating
visuals... and meanwhile, you can use your computer just like you normally
would. [...]

* EatMem

EatMem lets you simulate a smaller machine on a bigger one. It uses simple
Windows APIs to lock memory (i.e. it can't be paged out) to see how apps
run in low-memory situations. (JF)

* eMProBaCA

eMProBaCA is a tool built on Qutibacoas technology. It is intended to
automate the process of file encoding with THOMSON mp3PRO Audio Player. It
can be used together with many different programs supporting external
command-line encoders such as Exact Audio Copy (EAC) or CDEx. (JL)

* EXE Bundle

Use EXE Bundle to join 6 files to one file. You can enter another icon file
too. There is a small icon collection to use exe bundle with your favorite
icon. It is very interesting for coders. You can join dll files to do and
you do not have a "DLL not found" message any more. (LT)

* eXtended FDISK (XFDISK)

eXtended FDISK (XFDisk) allows easy partition creation and edition, thus
making it possible to install several operating systems on one computer
(for instance, you can install Linux beside Windows). (JF)

* Fifteen Magic

Fifteen Magic is an implementation of the classic Fifteen Puzzle dating
back to the 1800's. When the "New Game" command button is left clicked,
the 15 numbered squares are randomly shuffled and the objective is to
restore the 4x4 grid to its original state. Left clicking any square
horizontally or v [...]

* Free Abuse

Free Abuse is the free, modified by fans version of the legendary game
Abuse by Crack.Com. Abuse is a side-scrolling action game with a unique
control system. You move the player with the arrow keys, while you aim his
gun with the mouse. In the original shareware version, released in 1995,
there wer [...]


GNUWin is a Free and Open Source software compilation for MS-Windows.
It features more than 50 programs, including Open Office, Abiword,
MikTex (a LaTeX implementation for Windows), Gimp, Octave, Scilab,
Povray, Flightgear, Freeciv; numerous articles to introduce Free
Software philosophy and [...]

* Goblin Data Encryption

The Goblin Interface allows you to manually encrypt and decrypt text. You
also have the ability to save results to file. Files saved from the Goblin
Interface use the .jum extension. The Goblin Interface also supports drag
and drop of text-based files onto the GUI.
1. Provide 128bit encry [...]

* Golgotha graphics & source

Golgotha was a game project by the team that brought you Abuse (Crack.com).
They abandoned the game, but left on the public domain the graphics and
the source code of what they achieved, and are free to modify or use as
they are in anything you want! (RK)

* GunBound

GunBound is about an endless war fought with one-person-driven vehicles
called Mobiles. In Lond, 16 special Mobiles are tested carefully depending
on the region they will be used in.
For a long time, we have worked in the game industry, and have applied our
creative talent into creating Moviles tha [...]

* Hambumag

Hambumag is an online magazine of the German city Hamburg. The Hambumag
i-Mate works as a living bookmark thus you can inform yourself about what
is going on in Hamburg just by a simple mouse click. (VJ)

* Hanspeter Imp Edit

This is a coder and text editor. (LT)

* Hard Link Magic

Windows NT, 2000 and XP have some very useful hidden features. One of them
is possibility of creating hard links on NTFS volumes.

Do you know about shortcuts-those little .lnk files, mostly sprinkled
around your desktop, that you use to reference something else? Well, no
doubt shortcuts are a use [...]

* Hello

Hello is a new way to look at pictures with friends and family.
When you use Hello, you get to see your photographs together with your
friends online. You don't have to wait for huge email attachments to
download or upload your pictures to a public website. Just point at a
picture and you can tell [...]

* Hello

Hello is a new way to look at pictures with friends and family.
When you use Hello, you get to see your photographs together with your
friends online. You don't have to wait for huge email attachments to
download or upload your pictures to a public website. Just point at a
picture and you can tell [...]

* Hi Buddy Light

Nice tool for quick sending messages in network ,

You have just acquired a product that will help to automate communication
with your coworkers in network.
HiBuddy accumulates sent messages and allow you to sending them again by
one click.

How many times do you open Winpopup for sending mes [...]

* Icons from File

Extracts icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, etc.) with ability to
search for EXE and DLL files, which contain icons. You can save extracted
icons to file - selected icon to ICO or BMP file and all icons (as one
picture) to BMP file. You can print extracted icons (all or selected
(VJ [...]

* Instant File Name Search

Instant File Name Search (IFNS) is a fast and easy to use search tool. You
can instantly search files by name or wildcards on your computer or local
Main features:

Instant search of files by name or wildcards
Support of Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
Search in various directories or [...]

* Interactive TCP Relay

This tool provides a security-testing environment for non-HTTP
Client/Server applications, similar to that provided by interactive HTTP
proxies. When started, ITR operates as a simple TCP tunnel, listening on a
specific port, and forwarding all the traffic to the remote host and port.
By configuring [...]

* KBPiano

KBPiano will turn your computer into a piano. Just press the keyboard's
keys and you'll hear sounds coming out your speaker. You can configure the
program to play chords by pressing just a key (configured automatically
when you create a new file). Supports 15 channels, and realtime mixing, so
you ca [...]

* Kquery

Kquery a game server reporting tool (reporting players, rules, maps, server
settings etc.)!
Easy to use FAST server querying
Fast Master Server query system
Easy to use Server List System
Geographical Lookup System
Subnet / LAN Querying
Buddy Finder
mIRC / ICQ / K2M / GS2M support
Hig [...]

* Lava Lamp

starts from nothing, grows possibly a little bit feminine, then a little
bit masculine, then breaks up and has children. It's a sexy thing."- (VJ)

* Lister

Lister is a Windows program that will scan your cluttered collection of
media files and create an orderly list of your media, sorted by artist &
album, in XML format. What's so great about that, you ask? With the
generated XML file and an XSL processor you can create almost any kind of
list you want [...]

* Log Paper

LogPaper can create and print paper for diagram drawing.


mm or inch or any other size grid
Linear, semi or double logarithmic grid with user defined number of
Optional page header
User defined print color.

* Mapper

Mapper helps you map the files, file parameters and values of any site you
wish to test. Simply browse the site as a normal user while recording your
session with Achilles (Mapper supports other proxies as well), and run
Mapper on the resulting log file. Mapper will create an Excel CSV file
that wil [...]


MCALC is a simple interest only U.K. mortgage calculator. It allows you to
enter and compare up to ten different loan scenarios on screen at once.

* Messenger FREEdom

If you're running Windows XP or NT, you've probably received messages while
you're on the Internet, advertising some product or maybe even wanting you
to buy software just so that you won't receive any more messages. These
are from the Messenger service, a service not related to MSN Messenger,
and y [...]

* metapath

If you like metapad, the handy freeware editor by Alex Davisdon, but
sometimes whish to have a faster way to open your files, then metapath is
for you! A small Explorer-like window lets you directly open files in an
existing metapad window. metapath has been developed on the basis of
Textview and of [...]


MIRACL Calc multi-precision calculator - a fully-functioned calculator that
can calculate up to 10,000 places! (Version 1.1 includes a button to
generate random numbers, 0>1.)

* MobyDock DX

MobyDock DX is a fully customizable freeware launchbar / taskbar program
that allows you to control your applications and folders while displaying
some cool mouse-over animations.
It can check your POP mail account, displays thumbnails for the running
applications, displays popup menus for your fav [...]

* MONJA KIDS special edition

MONJA KIDS is designed as an add-on for Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE).
With a porn-buster function, it is the first internet browser developed in
Asia for the safe websurfing of kids.
You need Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000,Windows XP or later and
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. [...]

* Monthly Budget Planner

Plan out your Monthly budget! Place in your expense, and income, then press
calculate! It's a fun way to check out how your finances stack up. Used
along with the salary planner it can be a valuable tool. Where is all that
money going? Can I afford that other item? Find out now! (VJ)

* Mouse Off-road

Mouse Off-road is a odometer for your mouse! It tracks movement of the
mouse and the time of a mouse activity. All tracked information is shown
on the indicator window and may be exported to a text file. (VJ)

* Moving Monk

The moving monk, we use to call him Paul, is an interactive character that
lives on your computer desktop.

After you downloaded him, just double click the executable. Click on [Show
Desktop] to see him. Drag him around, let him fall or put him on top of a
After 1min of inactivity he is v [...]

* Multi-Pass

The Multi-Pass is easy to use and secured program that allow you to store
your private information, and have instant access to it. The
distinguishing feature of Multi-Pass - is invisible password: your
password is never shown at the screen. The password appears in clipboard
for the time, necessary t [...]

* Neverball

Tilt the floor to roll the ball through the obstacle course before time
runs out.
Neverball runs under Linux, Win2K/XP, and hopefully anywhere else SDL is
supported. Hardware accellerated OpenGL support with multitexture (OpenGL
1.2.1 or greater) is required. Neverball has been tested on Intel mach [...]

* New Quadratic

This program will help you in finding the solutions or roots of the
Quadratic Equation using the quadratic formula. This program can give you
the answers in both exact and approximate formats. (JF)

* Nickelodeon NickClickables (Desktop toys)

Get ready for an amazing collection of downloadable digital desktop toys
featuring your favorite Nickelodeon characters! Each Nick Clickable comes
complete with its own set of char-click-eristics. Get them all for free!

* Offline HTML Viewer

Quickly loads and displays HTML files without running the browser. (JL)

* Online - Color Blender

Pick a color value format, input two valid CSS color values in
the format you chose, and pick the number of midpoints you'd like to
see. The palette will show the colors you input as well as the
requested number of midpoint colors, and the values of those colors.
All numbers are rounded to th [...]

* Online - Color Harmonies

Search for colors complements to your RGB values.
Create color harmonies, combinations and themes.
From your main (or background) color select trim and accents tones. (JL)

* Online - Color Matching

Match your computer generated RGB values to color cards, paint lines, inks,
fandecks and more...
Find an industrial standard match for your computer colors. Transform
"virtual" colors in "real world" references. (JL)

* Online - Color scheme

While designing web pages, computer applications, or house interiors, we
need to find good color scheme - set of colors producing the best
impression. For every tint there are colors which it can coexist with, and
which it can't. Some combinations are uncomfortable, or disturbing - while
others are [...]

* Online - Color Schemer

With the Color Schemer, creating harmonious color schemes has never been
easier! Instantly and effortlessly create great looking color schemes at
the click of a button and keep visitors coming back with this unique new

Let the Color Schemer help you create color schemes that work, without t

* Online - ColorMatch 5K

This utility will help you select a matching 6-color palette for your
Define a single color that you like. Matching colors will be calculated.
Click a color in the palette to promote it to the primary color. (JL)

* Online - Mundi Design Studios

Web Color Theory: Mundi Design Studios (JL)

* Online - Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year

This page provides a way for you to obtain a table of the times of
sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, or the beginning and end of twilight,
for one year.
You can obtain a table for any location worldwide by following these
simple steps:

Decide on which form to use. If you want a table for [...]

* Online - The Colour Wizard

The Colour Wizard lets you type in the value of your colour and get an
automatic return of that colour's complementary colour, split
complementary colours, analogous colours, chromatic variations, shade and
tint variantion and saturation variation.

Note that the wizard calculates the colours in a [...]

* Origin

Origin is a free tool that allows you to make inexpensive software systems.

When you need to get powerful inexpensive software out there, Origin is
the tool to use.
As a user go ahead and download Origin, you'll find cool free
applications, things like free secure email, picture viewers, games,
p [...]

* PassKeeper

PassKeeper is a Windows utility that allows you to keep a list of accounts
with usernames, passwords, and notes. This list is stored encrypted. (JL)

* PC Clock Tuner

PC Clock Tuner is a Windows application that mekes real time sync of the PC
clock through Internet from US Naval Observatory Master Clock time. And
with alarm functionality that let you set alarms that is shown within a
given interval.

* People I Know

This program works like an address book. You can store the information of
the people you know like name, birthday, phone number...etc. This program
is a multi-users with password protected. Each user will have their own
record and no other users can see it unless they know the password.
Therefore it [...]

* Pizza Boy

You play PizzaBoy, having crash-landed on dino planet, you must now deliver
pizzas in order to survive dinosaur invested levels. You must battle
through five levels and four bonus levels in this version of pizzaBoy.
Features original music and awesome sound effects to boot!

* Poker Mania

This FREE computer game simulates all the fun and action of Vegas-style
video poker machines. Its friendly interface is very easy to use and
sports both visual and sound effects to enhance your playing experience.
The on-screen prompts and help system will also help you fine tune your
playing skills [...]

* PopupKiller

PayyaTec PopupKiller is a new and enhanced tool, which improves the surfing
experience by preventing unwanted and annoying Popup ads.

PayyaTec PopupKiller is integrated in your Explorer toolbar

PayyaTec PopupKiller is user-friendly.

With PopupKiller you can block popups displayed by your [...]

* Port Monster

Worried about Hackers? Viruses? Port Probes? Trojan Horses? Well, now you
don't have to worry anymore. With Port Monster, you can not only be
protected from Internet offenses and attacks, but also, you can know for
sure if anyone is trying to connect to your computer. Get your copy today
for free!

* Privoxy

Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting
privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access,
and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk.
Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit
individu [...]

* PSS - Picture Slide Show

This is a pure picture slide show application. Created to fill my
requirement on this type of programme!

Support JPEG, GIF, BMP, DIB, EMF, ICO, WMF,... file format.
Fetch the pictures by simply select the folder that contains all the
pictures and even seek the sub-directorys for pictures!
Fu [...]

* QuickNetMessage

With this utility you can send your message to one or more user(s) on the
LAN (Local Area Network). QuickNetMessage is an easy interface for Win
NT4/2000/XP Messanger Service (NET SEND).

QuickNetMessage is place an Icon in the system tray that you can
dubbleclick to activate the message window or [...]

* QuickZip

QuickZip is a freeware archiver that can open and extract 14 kinds of
archives including .zip without using external programs. It can create a
tiny setup program (22kb), turn .zip into self extractables (SFX) with
progress bars, e-mailing archives, listing archive in HTML or text format,
provide an [...]

* Qutibacoas

Qutibacoas is a tool intended to automate the process of file encoding with
Apple QuickTimeT Player Pro. It can be used together with many different
programs supporting external command-line encoders such as Exact Audio
Copy (EAC) or CDEx. (JL)

* Qwik-Fix (beta)

Qwik-FixT provides another layer of essential security by closing off the
pathways that worms and viruses use to penetrate your PC.. It does not
affect any of your virus programs, firewall or other programs. Had users
installed Qwik-FixT on their PC's, the recent LovSan/MS Blaster worm and
the Sobig [...]

* Reading Acceleration Machine

RAM 3.5 is a small freeware device for presenting word-groups sequentially
at a pace chosen by the user. It is a tachistoscope ("rapid-viewer") that
supports efficient and rhythmic reading, rehearsal of text-comprehension,
and acceleration in reading speed. It facilitates the repetition that has
lon [...]

* Reation Timer for Windows

This is a little freeware tool that you can use to test your reflexes while
in Windows. The home page gives very little information on the software,
but I downloaded it, and it does just that; test's your reflexes.
Uninstaller included. (CS)

* Regdel

Command Line Tools to remove Registry Entries .

Regdel is a command line tool to remove keys or values from the Windows
registry. Regdel can be called from batch files, this can be useful for
continuous registry clean-up or for system administrators to quickly take
care of recurrent tasks. Or you [...]

* Report Viewer

Report Viewer is a freeware application which allows you to view/print End
of Day reports created in the LANmark P(roperty) M(anagement) S(ystem).
We've used the standard DOS Report Viewer, which is included in the
LANmark PMS, as example for the development of this Windows application.

This ap [...]

* Return of Egypt

Return of Egypt is without a doubt the best Castlevania-like game I have
ever played. 2D Special effects, giant bosses, top-notch sprites, an
amazing history an much more in this "must have" game...

The author's homepage is in Japanese ;)

* Royal TS

This is a replacement for the standard Terminal Services Snap-In with some
additional features. Since Windows 2003 Server Edition's Terminal Services
now provide a way to remote control the interactive session like in
Windows XP, the Terminal Services Snap-In cannot connect to the servers
console. B [...]

* Rtf2Html

RTF2HTML converts any RTF (Rich Text Format) file to HTML for web page
designing. This means that you can use Microsoft's WordPad or Word to
create an RTF file then convert it to HTML with RTF2HTML and out comes
your web page. No need to know HTML!
This software runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP/2000 pla [...]

* Runaway Train

Using a queue of different shaped tracks, you quickly build track in front
of a runaway locomotive to prevent it from derailing before your time runs
out. You also get points for traveling on track you laid, but only for the
first trip over, so you try to lay track that will lead the runaway train
o [...]

* Screen Loupe

Screen Loupe 2000 is a small utility that displays a magnified view of
whatever is beneath the mouse cursor, much like a jeweler's or printer's
loupe. You can copy the contents of the Loupe window to the clipboard as
well. The captured image can be pasted into any graphics program and most
word proc [...]

* shorty

a browser helper object (bho) for internet explorer
shorty integrates seamlessly with internet explorer and allows you to
highlight text in an internet explorer window and perform an action on it
in another internet explorer window by pressing a key combination. for
example, perform a google search [...]

* Simple MAPI

this shell context-menu extension allows you to send files selected in
explorer directly via your email client program to specified recipients.
these files also can be compressed to a zip file before sending. (VJ)

* SkinMaster for CloneCD

The biggest skincollection for clonecd. It is really to use it. You have an
installer to install all of your skins. It is the biggest collection on
the earth. (LT)

* SmarterMailMon

As email clients become more and more resource intensive, many people have
found it troublesome to leave them open all of the time. This leaves a
rather crucial dilemma. Do they leave the email client open, thus
consuming a permanent spot in their task bar and chewing up valuable
system resources, o [...]

* Speaker Box Designer

You can use Speaker Box Designer to design sealed and vented loudspeaker
enclosures. Speaker box designer was developed using Microsoft Excel 5.
Simple and easy to use interface.
Uses either metric or imperial values.
Calculates the following: box volume, length and diameter of any ports,
box [...]

* SQL Insider

SQL Insider offers a powerful way to investigate, report and monitor your
SQL Server. SQL Insider covers it all, from managing object permissions to
checking on the sizes and row counts of tables, plus word search, password
scanning, server filter, Internet search and so much more. SQL Insider
provi [...]

* SQL Spy

Features List:
- Monitor your SQL Server in real-time.
- Graphically display Locks, CPU, Memory, and I/O action in a moving line
- Watch who is coming and going, minutes connected, CPU, memory and
locking usage per connection.
- Monitor SQL statements that are being sent to your SQL [...]

* StarLite

StarLite is an astrology software program and it is free! StarLite allows
you to enter birth information and obtain a natal chart wheel either
displayed on the screen or printed out. You can also view or print a
progressed chart wheel. Startlite has no other calculation capabilities.

StarLite is [...]

* Startie

Grant yourself and your desktop a little replacement: STARTIE is a small,
animated starfish, who will put your desktop into continuous
vacation-mood. And if the desire to travel gets you, STARTIE immediately
has the matching last-minute-trips for you. (VJ)

* Stinger

Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific
viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather
a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected
system. Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including
process sc [...]

* Subspace / Continuum

Subspace (Now known as Continuum) is a 2D, Top down view, internet based
multiplayer space shooter that is completely free!
Subspace has a very large (And continously growing) community of players
who keep the various "zones" (Places that provide different rules and game
objectives) populated, and [...]

* Textview

Textview is a handy software program to quickly review large collections of
text files, like i.e. CD-ROMs full of source codes or extensive
web-projects with many html-, java- and other scripts.

.. Full Windows XP theme support
.. Full Unicode display support (Windows NT/2k/XP)
.. Unicode Big En [...]

* The Atomic Screensaver

Make your own wallpaper, make web graphics and much more with The Atomic

* The Genius

"The Genius" is a chess engine, complete with its own user interface, game
saving and reopening capability and what not. It can be used to play
against humans and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to select
the best moves. It can play at four different levels, with each level
increasing t [...]

* The INTERCOT Disney Vacation Planner

This unique program will aid you in planning the perfect vacation to Walt
Disney World. Included are tips, tricks, schedules and more! (VJ)

* The Tweaking Experience

The Tweaking Experience previously known as the "XP-Tweaking Guide" for
Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Windows 2003 Server is a help tool with
useful information about Tweaking Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Windows
2003 Server.

The Tweaking Experience for Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Windows 20 [...]

* Tray Launch

A small freeware program that will launch or open any file from the system
tray area. Just run the application and do not close it - it will start
the next time. (VJ)

* Uptime

This program simply creates a label on your desktop indicating how long
your computer has been on. There are many different options for
customizing it's appearence and behavior, including the colors, font
styles, and an optional background image. (VJ)

* VDMSound

VDMSound is a program that overcomes what has probably been the most
exasperating limitation of DOS boxes since Windows NT -- sound support.
What this basically means is that you can use VMDSound to solve sound
problems with DOS based applications running under Windows.
VDMSound is an open, plug- [...]

* VisiTrax Lite

Music organizer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Designed for professional DJs and casual collectors alike, VisiTrax
provides quick and easy access to your audio CDs, records, and tapes.
Browse, sort, and find songs instantly! Create, manage, and save timed
playlists. Print professional looking lis [...]

* Visual Sokoban

Visual Sokoban is a widely spread puzzle-class game in which you will
have to solve puzzles of increasing complexity. Don't worry, there is
no time limit for finishing a level, you will have all the time to
solve one. In Visual Sokoban, your task is to collect lost objects and
move them onto fre [...]

* Waffle Magic

Are your colleagues ignoring your views, arguments and recommendations? Is
your speech grey and colourless? Is your presentation material lacking
punch and vigour? Then EuroSoft's Waffle Magic can transform your whole

Waffle Magic incorporates EuroSoft's advanced, unique, ahead-of-the- [...]


Get stunning FREE wallpapers served on your desktop every day! (JF)

* Windows Startup Inspector

Windows Startup Inspector is a WindowsT platform software that helps
WindowsT user to manage WindowsT startup applications. On
www.windowsstartup.com, there are more than 3,400 known programs in the
database. Windows Startup Inspector can thus provide a consultative
information on the programs that [...]

* WinSock XP Fix

On an XP machine, after uninstalling a personal firewall product (such as
McAfee Personal Firewall) and having your network settings destroyed there
is a nifty little application to fix the winsock settings. (JF)

* Winsonar 2003

Winsonar 2003 is a program specifically designed for process monitoring
purposes: it detectes new processes that permanently install into memory
while system is working. Windows (Tm) has a built-in task monitor, but the
user will not be prompted for new-installed tasks and even using the task
monito [...]

* wlxFONT

This is a lister plugin for Total Commander (shareware) that allows you to
display the glyphs and some additional properties of a font in the Lister
or the QuickView window of Total Commander.It has been tested with Total
Commander 5.51 on Windows 2000
and Windows XP. Any older version of Windows i [...]

* WM Snake Master

Do you do not know snake? Nokia-Handys, C64, ... (LT)

* WordConvs

It allows batch conversions of documents with the internal converters of
MsWord as well to use an external converter program. In this last case can
be useful if the conversion program don't has batch capability or don't
allow to scan subdirectories or/and to process hidden files and folders,
as Word [...]

* WSecurity

Protect your computer. With a lot of options for all. (LT)

* WTM Register Maker

Manage your serials for your Shareware. (Serial number generator) (LT)

* X-tree Ball

A fun tool which displays a Christmas ornament on your desktop. The
ornament is transparent and has an animated lava flowing inside. The
animated lava can be seven different colors. You can also choose to run it
on start up.


* xBill

Yet again, the fate of the world rests on your hands! An evil computer
hacker, known only by his handle 'Bill', has created the ultimate computer
virus. A virus so powerful that it has the power to transmute an ordinary
computer into a toaster oven. (oooh!) 'Bill' has cloned himself into a
billion-j [...]

* XPlayer

XPlayer is an extremely fast and light-weight multimedia player that plays
back all types of media files, which include avi, mpg, asf, wmv, wav,

Main Features:

extremely light-weight
extremely fast
Easy to use
Support No-Skin for extreme performance
Support taskbar play [...]

* Yane

Yane (Yet Another Noise Extenuator) is a video processing filter for
VirtualDub. Yane uses the combined average/median algorithm in an attempt
to suppress different kinds of artifacts appearing in a video (firstly
edges of DCT blocks in MPEG-1/2/3/4-compressed files). (JL)

* yMail Beta

Why 'BETA'?
Software is never finished, and email programs are very complex. I've been
using yMail since March 2003 and have yet to lose a single email or
experience an unexplained crash, but it might just not work for you.
Therefore, no guarantees.

yMail is an advanced no-frills email cl [...]


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