IWin XP Explorer had View>'Thumbnails' - it doesn't exist in Vista?????????????

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In Win XP explorer we had View>Thumbnails - it doesn't exist in

I found this useful for viewing html files ('favorites' folder) where
instead of looking at a load of blue 'e's i could choose 'thumbnail' and
they all showed up as minature web pages - quite a few didn't beleive me
that this actually worked last time i mentioned it (few years back) but give
it a try and you'll be impressed - if you have a lot of links it takes a
while to refresh them the first time

Of course this also worked for many files types (pictures, videos, html)

XP gave us a choice of Large Icons, Small Icons or Thumbnails - Vista just
gives us a choice of which size 'e' which is not nearly as good

Occasionally XP lost the ability to view thumbnails and one of the MVP wrote
a script to refresh it - hope he's listening and maybe rustle up a quick
thumbnail fix for Vista



In order to show the thumbnails for files such as videos etc., make sure
that always show icons and never thumbnails option is disabled in folder
options. You can do this by pressing the Alt key in a regular explorer
window this should bring up a menu bar. Then clicking on Tools > folder
options > view tab > uncheck the first tick box that says "Always show
icons, never thumbnails" > click on OK. Then when you change the view
setting to large icon, the files that are supported (such as PNG, JPG, AVI
etc.) will show up as thumbnails.

As for the thumbnails with IE, it seems to be a functionality that was
removed after IE 6 (I think it was IE 6, I'm not sure, because IE 5
definitely has it, and I vaguely remember using it with IE 6 as well) which
I presume is linked with the browser itself. And unfortunately, at present
there is no way that I know of, unless of course third party tools are used,
to get this functionality in Vista.

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