I've exhausted the pool of relative identifiers?!?!?




Because we are changing to Active Directory as a security database for
internet. I need to add 2500 users to the Active Directory. I've made a csv
file, and i use CSVDE to import the users into our testenvironment. Our
Active Directory for internet is a sepperate Active Directory in a separate
domain. All goes fine, but after importing about 500 users i get the message

The Directory Service has exhausted the pool of relative identifiers.

This is no problem in the test environment, but i would like to prevent this
from happening in our production environment. Is there a way i can make the
domain controller create a bigger pool (temporarily) like 2500 rids?

Any ideas ??

Thanks in Advance !

Rob Smeets



Simon Geary

Make sure the RID Master FSMO role is available and contactable. If the RID
Master is available then the DC on which you create the accounts will never
run our as it will always be able to request more.

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