Is this for real????




Started Windows Messenger today and got this pop up window, never seen it

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message

Windows Live(TM) Messenger Service Staff says:
Important service announcement: Because of a recent system update, you must
change the e-mail address that you use to sign in to Windows Live(TM)
Messenger. Until you change your e-mail address, you won't be able to use
Windows Live(TM) Messenger.

To change your e-mail address and find out more about this system update, go

This true or a scam?


I'm getting it as well. About every 15 minutes. Don't know if its
legitimate or not but it seems like a hoax to me.


Hi Mike,

If you look at a few of the 'posts' just before yours, you will see quite a
few people have the same problems. Not sure if it is a 'hoax' or for real. I
was hoping a Microsoft MVP would come on and give us all a solution. So far
nothing from Microsoft.


My wife received the same message when she logged in this morning on her
machine. I was able to sign in to Messenger on a different machine with a
different account. We are both able to sign in to MSN. I thought these
Passport (or whatever they are called now) accounts were single signon
accounts. I don't get it.



I'm having the same problem.... seems to be a problem for many folks...
re-affirming my lack of faith in the microsoft community.... they're like
the borg... "we will assimilate you"..... I sure as hell am not going to be
changing my e-mail addy either... and I doubt I'll be able to download
whatever this "live" thing is, computer and all....
anyways.... I'll check back.. maybe someone will have mercy and respond.....


I had the same problem with IM today. This has got to be Microsofts way of
forcing you into Live Mes.. I downloaded Live Messenger and signed in with
my old addressa and password first try.



I am having great problems with this forum as well! not getting mail when
new replies and when I did get one the link comes up as unknown!
I have not had it since and everything seems to work.
My feeling is that its some sort of scam but how is the question!
(e-mail address removed) if you fiond anything out please.


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