Microsoft Messenger for Mac



Microsoft Messenger for Mac (previously MSN Messenger for Mac) is th
official Mac OS X instant messaging client for use with Microsoft'
.NET Messenger Service and is developed by the Macintosh Business Unit
a division of Microsoft. However, the feature list is limited i
comparison to that of its counterpart Windows Live Messenger. Th
client is still maintained and updated but still lacks a number o
features that its Windows counterpart contains. In response to its lac
of features, numerous third-party competitors have been developed, suc
as Adium, emesene, Mercury Messenger, and aMSN



Jonathan Kay [MVP]

....And? ;)

Considering their resources, MacBU does a rather good job at keeping up-to-date. Supposedly
the anxiously awaited voice/video (for Messenger, not the Office Communications Server
feature there now) is on schedule for the next release.

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