Is there any way to get 64-bit IIS without the disk?



I have Windows XP 64 Pro, fully registered, etc. When I installed it, I'd
read about security holes in IIS, and I didn't have any need for it so I
didn't install it. Now I'm trying to learn SQL Server and can't run the
reporting end of it because I don't have IIS installed. Unfortunately, I
can't find my XP64 disk. I do have an XP32 disk (for my laptop), but not the
64-bit for my desktop. Is there any way to download the IIS portion? I've
looked over and over for the disk. I really don't want to waste the money to
buy the whole 64-bit disk again. Thanks.



Mick Murphy

Click Start> Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs> Add/Remove Windows
Components(on the left column) > tick IIS > next etc, ok, your way out.

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