Is there an easier way?

Jul 12, 2007
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hi, I have designed a weekly calendar schedule that has 96 subforms in it from 96 queries to filter one record from the calls list. Each record is filtered day day and time within that day (yes I know this seems alot, but it's the only way I could do it,.....unless there's an easier way :) )

What I need to do is to have a combo box that calculates the beginning weekday (Monday) for the next 4 weeks. I have tried many times without success, all the combo list shows is the formula , not the date. Any advice on how this is done. By the way he calendar looks good, it works but it a heck of alot ok work. The good news is that now I've created this calendar I need to reproduce it 4x4 times (4 weeks per tech guy) that tonnes of queries and forms. I would love to be able to pick out the date, time anf tech guy, from a query but it doesn't display correctly, it shows the other records which I do not want.

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