is there an easier way to update?



I have two worksheets

a master sheet and a week 4 sheet.

The data and columns are set up the same titles however the datawithin the
sheets isnt in the same order. I want to be able to update the master sheet
with any differences on the week 4 sheet.

I have built two helper columns one that has a Vlookup formula to bring over
the value from the master sheet onto the week 4 sheet and then i have a
second column that has an if statement checking to see if the values are the
sameto insert a match and if they are different then insert the word update.
Now that i can filter the "updates" i wanted an easy way to make the updates
to the master.

I also have 6 other columns that i need to do the same thing for.

Is there an easier way to accomplish these updates?

Mike H.

You probably got no response because I am not sure it is easily understood
what you're trying to do. Why not just wipe out all the data in week4 that
"could" be in the master and then replace all the master data into week 4?
Or what am I missing.

Perhaps a bit of explanation of what you're trying to accomplish would help.

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