is there a way to erase the breadcrumb history list?



i'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so feel free to
redirect as necessary.

when i use the windows explorer function in windows vista home and i click
on the breadcrumb address bar a pathname shows up instead of the breadcrumb
tree. i'm fine with that, my issue is that if i type in any letter or number
in the resultant address bar it lists a history of all the files and folders
i've visited/used that begin with that letter or number. is there a way to
select specific pathnames from that list for deletion, e.g.
"c:\users\<username>\desktop\<that thing you downloaded but don't want anyone
else to see>", or a way to delete the entire history? it's not in the same
registry location as the internet explorer typed urls keys (at least not as
far as i can tell) and i have no idea where the information might be stored.
i'm still a novice when it comes to editing the registry (assuming that's
where the explorer history would be stored), so a walkthrough would be


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