is spyware doctor a legit program?



I just downloaded the trial version and it says its scan
only but everythign seems to be fully functional?
Everythign seems to work including the onguard features. Is
this thing really removing the spyware it says it found or
are they just tryin to get me to register it by telling me
it removed somethign when it really didnt remove a thing?

I thought my system was clean but it found 91 items on the
first scan and removed them-on the 2nd scan it found 23
more and apparantly when i clicked on fix it cleaned them

Then when i signed onto AOL it kicked me off saying that
waol.exe was installing a system wide keystroke logger. To
fix that i had to completely uninstall aol and remove
everything left over manually. Upon further research i know
theres a coolwebsearch variant that attaches itself to
waol.exe or pretends to be waol.exe and i was infected with
coolwebsearch at one point so i figured this must be legit.
I then redownloaded aol 9.0 security edition and
reinstalled it. I was then able to use aol no problem so i
figured i must have got rid of it. I also had my AOL email
account hacked a couple years ago and i figured this must
have been how the bastard got my password.

Im really curious to know whats up with this thing i cant
find much info on the pctools website about what im
supposed to get with a registered version as opposed what i
just downloaded.
If you knwo nothing about spyware doctor its cool but i
figure id ask about it since it found 115 problems that
adaware se, spybot s&d, microsoft, and aol anti spyware
failed to find. In defense of those programs some of the
115 problems that were found by spyware doctor were (i
think) leftover stuff from stuff that was already removed
by other anti spyware programs.

As an example spybot had removed wild tangent quite some
time ago but last night when i updated spybot and ran a
scan it found more wild tangent stuff and removed it. When
i scanned with spyware doctor it found like 18 more wild
tangent registry keys and files. microsoft has never once
detected wild tangent on my machine.

Thanks in advance for any insight into this you can provide.

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