Is it possible to seperate a tree from an existing forest and build up a new one ?


Oliver Manz


the company I work for is part of an Active Directory forest with
multiple unique trees within the same forest.

Beside us there is another domain which is the forest root. My Company
is going to be sold. So we have to get seperated from that forest in
the near future. We then would like to build up a new one without
rebuilding our existing domain.


One single forest with two trees: - (forest


1st single forest: (forest root)
2nd single forest: (forest root)

There are six DC's (3 within each site) and the W2k-AD-Domain is in
native mode. There is no Exchange 2k/2k3 Server implemented so far. Is
it possible to achieve our goal by migrating the DC's to W2k3 and move
our tree with the help of domain renaming ?

I've read the document "Understanding How Domain Rename Works" from
the Microsoft website
but I'm still not sure if I unterstood it the right way. Perhaps it's
because I'm German...

Thanks & bye




Mike Brannigan [MSFT]


There is no way to easily detach a tree from a Forest and make it either the
Forest Root Domain for a new forest or to join it as a domain tree to an
existing forest.

You will have to migrate all objects form your existing domain to a new
domain that is either a new domain in another forest or a new forest.


Mike Brannigan [Microsoft]

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