Is It Possible To Restore Mail Back To Client?



I've had no luck at all using Windows Mail. I've been everywhere looking for
soultions. All the solutions were vialbe for setting up an account with AOL.
As far as that goes, everything is fine except receiving sent mail. I get
no error messages when sending. I can send to AOL and it arrives. When I
send to gmail, it never arrives and yet there is no error message. After
weeks of trying that is the end result. The other problem is that when
Windows Mail takes my AOL mail it does not leave a copy at AOL. As a result,
all AOL mail is currently stored in Windows Mail, which is the only way I can
access it. Thus my question: Is it possible to some how return my AOL mail
back to AOL from Windows Mail?

Gary VanderMolen

It is not feasible to return mail to the AOL server. You would have to
forward each message, one at a time.
To prevent this problem from happening again, go to Tools,
Accounts, select your AOL mail account, Properties, Advanced,
select "Leave a copy of messages on server."

Gary VanderMolen

It sounded to me like the OP has a legacy POP account with AOL,
which is why I responded as I did.

However, it should be feasible for him to add a new AOL IMAP account
to Windows Mail, then do a bulk move or copy of the messages from the
POP folder to the IMAP inbox folder. After sync takes place, all the
messages should be back on the AOL server.

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