is it possible to install media player on a machine with no intern



Basically, it's what the subject is, I was looking at some videos at college,
but we had no speakers there, so I shoved some of these videos on my memory
stick and took them home...

At home I have machines, one online (should I ever want to go online for
anything) and one offline. I decided to use my offline machine as it
generally has better specs, which I thought would give better playback. My
problem is, its on windows 2000 that comes with Media Player 6 (not good
enough for this), and comes up with the error The memory could not be "read".
My online machine is on windows Xp and has media player 8 - the video played,
but it was painfully slow!

I had what I thought was a stroke of genius, copy media player from my
online machine to my offline one... didn't work; Blank error box with an
exclamation mark.

The downloads I've found all run from their current location, which is no
good whatsoever for my offline machine. Are there any links that have a setup
program I can put on my memory stick and run that way?

Many thanks if anyone can help me.


Sounds like you need to download the latest version of Media Player for XP
e.g. WMP10.
Copy it onto a flash memory device and install on your offline machine.

Just go to the Microsoft website.

Hopefully, that helps,


Sorry, I completely forgot about this post, then encountered the problem
again - had MP9, and that worked, so thanks for the help!
(From a long time ago...)

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