IPC$ keeps unsharing itself?


Jeff Brady

I have 2 Win2K workstations, WS1 and WS2. WS1 has a printer attached via
parallel port, and it's shared for the other PC.

WS1 keeps unsharing IPC$, which stops WS2 from printing. Errors include
"Unable to start print job" when printing, and trying to view printer
properties gets "Print Subsystem Unavailable". On WS1, I can type "net share
IPC$" at a command prompt, and everything works great.

WS1 then decides to unshare IPC$, which causes the problem again. What could
be causing this?


Jeff Brady

Good stuff .. thanks!

I won't know until Friday if it is the answer though. I'll post my results
to the group.

Jeff Brady

Well, there WAS a virus, but it was in a different location, and had a
different executable. I believe it was "adobes.exe". It dumped a few batch
files deep into the winnt directory, under 'java' and then about 10 more
folders deep. One batch file just went thru and did stuff like:

net share admin$ /delete
net share ipc$ /delete
net share c$ /delete
net share d$ /delete

and so on .. I scanned it with an updated Norton AV, and it just showed this
as "IRC Backdoor" or "Trojan" but no proper name. It did have a line in the
registry to run it at startup.

Thanks for the heads-up on a virus, Robert!

Jeff Brady

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