"Invitations have not been sent for this meeting" problem



In Outlook Calendar, whenever I opened and before closing a meeting without
making any changes, I get the pop up message saying that "<Subject> has not
been sent. Would you like to send it?". Across the top of this meeting item
after I opened it, I see the line "Invitations have not been sent for this
meeting" although I have sent the meeting request and have received responses
from the attendees.

Out of all the meetings created (20 to 30 meetings), only some meeting items
have this problem. Somehow these meetings were converted to meetings that I
was no longer the organizer since there were no tracking tab in these meeting
items and the "Send and Close" and the "Send Update" buttons are no longer

I know that this is one of the Outlook 2003 troubleshooting articles, but
the cause given in the article doesn't not apply to this situtaion. It
discussed about importing a .pst file from another exported .pst, but a .pst
file was never involved. Also, the article didn't give any workaround or
solution to the problem.

I did, however, have a macro that sets the meeting from busy to free on the
organizer's calendar right after it's created based on the content of the
meeting. I suspected that this was the root cause since the ones that are
not set to free worked correctly.

Does anyone ever came across the same problem or know why this happened?

Or is there any workaround? Some meetings that are changed to free are
fine, but some just gave me the above problem. I could not see any
difference between these meeting items since they were created the same way.
Now, I could not reproduce the problem. This is a major issue when I try to
update or cancel these meetings since nothing will be sent to the attendees
or resources.

Thanks for the help.


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