Meeting Request problem



When I open a new meeting request, I might want to send it from an e-
mail account that is not my default account. From the Account button
dropdown, I switch to a non-default account, just as I would if I
wanted to send an e-mail from another account.

However, it appears thar, on the receiving end, they either see that
it is sent from my default address (e.g., if received in AOL) or from
my default address on behalf of my desired address, even though, when
I look at my sent items, I see only the desired address.

Someone is suggesting that this is becasue, even though i have
multiple accounts within outlook, I only have one calendar and it
belongs to my default account and that meeting requests are intimately
connected to my calendar. So, unlike with regular e-mails, everyone
will be able to see that it seems to have come from my default

Does this make sense? Is there any way to fix this, short of toggling
my default account before I send a meeting request? If that is the
only fix, perhaps I can, at least, give myself a warning to consider
changing the default address each time I want to send a meeting
request. If so, kindly tell me how to find (and edit( my blank
meeting request template, please.

I am using Outlook 2007 and, to the best of my knowledge, do not have
a Microsoft Exchange Server for any of my accounts, e.g., a domain via and another via some other company's server.

Kindly help! My part time boss is not happy that I appear to not be
using the company e-mail address!




<< from my default address on behalf of my desired address >>

Actually, in my prior post, it should have said just the reverse.
Still, I wish my default accout did not show up at all.


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